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Brain awakening program awakening meditation, success philosophy, self-culture To the neurotic conquest program vs. person fear, depression, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder conquest I get nervous and SED conquest program, speech weak point conquest School refusal conquest program, school refusal pro-support program


You feel free to contact the reservation of each program, an ignorance point of the one examining, a questionable point, and please talk.

 To all of you

A world's best brain awakening technology gives a result to many people.
Conventional you change.Leave it to me.

What kind of trouble that it is fear to continue depending on a method without the strong actual feeling forever is not rewarded.
I waste the time and the money and the hope and the energy without changing

It is only here now at a moment (time) to be able to change

You look back on now later, and please do not do the regret that you did not challenge.
There is the basic ultimate technique that I can revolutionize that I can offer alone only here in the world.
The brain awakening technology of Mr. Iwanami is received only now.

神経症、あがり症克服 人間心理、人間関係対処法

There is a technique to be able to cut the abyss (subconsciousness, unconscious root part) of the brain in females from a core.
The human first is important and controls emotion, the instinct that I can control least directly.
The mental natural healing power that was not able to be common sense is exercised.

An internal magnificent drama arises here.

I offer the drama by the short term. I have a big evaluation from the Japanese average and foreign countries.
The support from many celebrities and one played an active part socially is hot.
It is because it is an only technique in the world that can bring the actual feeling of the effect.

As you know, there was not the method that a person could easily turn into.
However, a result is given here. I can change the future.

I have confidence.

 Update information・ news


I hold a program in Nishishinjuku office forFrom Saturday, March 3 to Sunday, March 25.

I hold it in Osaka in April (4/7~). The site becomes Tokyo and Osaka, the alternation.

The schedule of the for a short term intensive camp program was fixed. It is from Friday, March 30 to Monday, April 2. In addition, it is not yet still decided whether it is four days or three days.

Program introduction

The stagnant brain rots all

inertia. I destroy the occlude state. A switch revolutionary to
success brain, the brain which it becomes the denaturing brain, awakening brain, and can enable impossibility. I release unconsciousness, subconsciousness, brain in a brain awakening state and control it freely. There are the great results that let the possibility of the person suppressed greatly make rapid progress.

Neurotic conquest program


An interpersonal fear, depression, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, anxiety disorder, stress disorder, a trauma is the symptom that a solution is impossible by oneself and is near.
can provide a technique and the mental natural healing power that can solve neurosis fundamentally.
>>Read more

SAD conquest


The excessive strain in a meeting, presentation, announcement, the speech, the quiver of hands and feet. These symptoms hurt pride, and shame me and lead it to the failure and produce an extreme fret and anticipation uneasiness. Is caused by conditioned response; get nervous, extreme strain subsides by
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Parenthood trouble cancellation, school refusal conquest program

The parent has an absolute influence on

child. If it is a negative part, the strong child of the sensitivity picks up minus more.
The trouble of the heart of the
child is a magnifying glass to project the previous half life of the parent on, and the life of oneself pro-is called into question.
Because I do the same pain and am, and taste does not put thought together because a child is not sick by one's adverse effects in the future, I can cut off the serialization between generations.
>> Read more

Experiences of the people who underwent a program

(Accountant in late twenties)

I overcame depression by the program fourth.
Worth doing was not felt for hard work and job specifications approximately one year ago, and depression was diagnosed at a hospital and suffered. ......Read more

(Doctor in 40s)

I was taken care of by a tonic quiver several years ago. A perioperative quiver of the hand was a main trouble. ......Read more

(Manager in 50s)

I knew the existence of the collection of words while I was interested in success philosophy and made Internet search. I read one way of "Iwanami's sayings" and "a collection of technique to become the winners"......Read more

(Company executive in 40s)

The symptom that the purpose that I received shakes a voice at the time of a remark to the public, and becomes tense. I will go for approximately one year from three years ago. I was weak in admonition in particular, announcement to the public......Read more

(Office worker woman in 30s)

Triggered by the transfer of the department, it was in a condition to beat for the stress that human relations, trivial routine duties there increased to and decided to propose a program.......Read more

(Public employee)

I came in pursuit of meditation for many years and had you introduce a teacher from an acquaintance. As for being said that think of the conventional meditation method to be only the level of the child immediately as an actual feeling......Read more

(Major company director)

I thank for what I was able to come across here several years ago. When I struggled for work in the home, but I became gradually dull and became hopeless till then......Read more

(Man, office worker)

I lived in the trouble in the heart from puberty somehow or other until I became father. However, as for the son, there were uneasiness and a scare to suffer from disease of surely on doing child care when brought up to see my back。......Read more

(Doctor in 30s)

For excessive stress, I was infected with "autonomic imbalance" and sent Mainichi which suffered so as not to be able to consentrate on the work. I was able to receive support of Mr. famous Iwanami.......Read more

A person is possible alone only here in the
world destroying
straying and a blind alley sending the life that there is as
superficial measures and inertia repeating the same thing throughout the life only once unless can change from the origin dramatically; please expect it!

An unconsciousness solicitation technology in the accessible world's most advanced brain is right here in the human abyss area where nobody was accomplished.

I cannot match one's brain, nerve, unconsciousness even if I make an effort no matter how much.
Only time passes idly even if I do anything. The life that is influenced by fear and uneasiness.
Nothing can change after making a firm resolution even if I endure it desperately. Energy wears down with effort with effort. It is a suffering and a fret, future uneasiness that increase.

An everlasting negative loop is cut off dramatically in a short term.
An internal drama of the life maximum rises here.


To people by the application for new reservation desired

With one Mr. Iwanami, I perform it in a frame of the limited number of people, and a reservation is the situation flooding in for the program in each psychology brain for public now.

The application for new reservation, please identify the following status.

Current remainder new reservation frame 2018 February 27 Current
○…Can make a reservation  △・・・Please hurry 
▲…Take a reservation immediately  ×…Cannot make a reservation

brain satori program Take a reservation immediately.
neuorosisi conquest Take a reservation immediately.
SAD conquest program Take a reservation immediately.
Parents support × Closed; during a new reservation stop
Mental reinforcement ×  Closed; during a new reservation stop
Art of fight of the conversation Please hurry a reservation.
Sports Mental Doping ×  Closed; during a new reservation stop
For a short term intensive camp program Please hurry a reservation.
It is for four days or three days from 3/30 2018. To 14 capacity

You feel free to contact the reservation of each program, an ignorance point of the one examining, a questionable point, and please talk.

Course & fee

岩波英知脳覚醒セッション 料金システム

[Basic course]

Group course(Ten times of 1 course) 600,000yen

Short term intensive camp

[For a short term intensive camp Program+]


※Only a cash lump sum payment is possible

[Special course]
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As you can decide the reservation flexibly, please go at a pace of oneself.

Contact information

At first, the inquiry from a form is certain.
※The current new reservation frame situation isthis

To the person who is wondering whether to make which program
I think whether there is much one where it is wondering which program I should undergo.
As the approach method to unconsciousness is the same as the brain becoming the origin, it is not necessary to be hesitated.

※The flexible correspondence that accepted each purpose by which program is possible to solicit it in the brain and an unconsciousness level directly, and to awake with the processing and construction.

Nishishinjuku, Tokyo office (Nishishinjuku)

(tel:Only Japanese supports)

3-5-3-216, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Osaka office (Morinomiya)

(tel:Only Japanese supports)

3-3-7-207, Nakamichi, Higashinari-ku, Osaka-shi

The carrying ↓ (please feel free to contact us.)


A person not to be able to send from a form is this

About status

・Only a person having independence, independence of willcan undergo various programs. Please confirm the will of the participant.

・The age targeted for our program becomes more than 15 years old more than 15 years old.


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A brain awakening trance technology of Mr. Iwanami can help it effectively more deeply than where if that even the person who does not correspond to the program of our site is related to brain or a mental helth. The inquiry window which is related to brain, mental health to this.